On this very unique project, Buck was tasked to create the titles for the F5 conference for 2011. We decided to package these titles as though they were part of a children's show.

There were 4 distinct sections of the show. I helped shoot, animate, and design the "Instruments" section, creatively directed by Daniel Oeffinger. It's heavily inspired by synesthesia, using simple shapes to mimic sound. This was an extremely fun project, and I felt very honored to work on it.


Produced at Buck



Directed and Produced by Buck
Creative Director: Orion Tait

Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Producer: Kitty Dillard
Production Coordinator: Billy Mack
Colorist: Seth Ricart

Audio: Antfood

Art Direction: Daniel Oeffinger
DP: Seth Ricart
Design: Thomas Schmid, Daniel Oeffinger, Chris Phillips 
Animation/Composite: Daniel Oeffinger, Chris Phillips 

Bassist: Brian Kesley
Drummer: Stu Bidwell
Hand Models: Wilson Brown, Kitty Dillard, Daniel Oeffinger, Chris Phillips, Orion Tait
Blow Dart Construction: Daniel Oeffinger, Soomin Baik