Sundance - Come Together

On this project, I animated and pre visualized all of the animation in Cinema 4D for the stop motion shoot. A lot of R&D went into building the animation in a way where we could easily extract each shape for laser cutting, and label each piece for every frame. That is much more easily said than done. Trust me. I also lead compositing... and I also cut off a piece of my thumb which was special.

Produced at Buck



Director: Buck
Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Kate Treacy
Producer: Kitty Dillard
Art Directors: Yker Moreno, Gareth O’Brien
Animation Director: Gareth O’Brien
Additional Animation: Chris Phillips
Lead Stop Motion Animator: Chad Colby
Design: Yker Moreno, Gareth O’Brien, Pete McDonald
Lead Compositor: Chris Phillips
Additional Compositors: Gareth O’Brien, Yker Moreno, Chad Colby
Production Assistant: Billy Mack
Build Crew: Chad Colby, Rose Collins, Kitty Dillard, Victoria Grant,
Erin Lindsey, Yker Moreno, Gareth O’Brien,
Chris Phillips, Ann Seymour
Stop Motion Crew: Chad Colby, Kitty Dillard, Gareth O’Brien
Laser Cutting: Bella Engraving
Original Music: John Forte