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I wore many hats on this job. I designed, animated, built sets, shot footage, and photographed. View the credits below to see a more extensive list of the role everyone played.

Produced at Buck



Directed by BUCK
Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait
Creatie Director: Thomas Schmid
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Producer: Billy Mack
Production Coordinator: Ann Seymour
Lead Art Direction: Fede Reano
Art Direction: Thomas Schmid
Design: Thomas Schmid, Fede Reano, Chris PhillipsLaura Alejo, Justin Fines, Freddy Arenas

Storyboards: Thomas Schmid
Stop Motion Animation: Kelly Goeller, Victoria Arslani, Chris Phillips, Fede Reano, Jake Armstrong, Kyle Strope

AE Animation: Fede Reano, Chris Phillips, Waleed Zaiter, Freddy Arenas
Cel Animation: Jake Armstrong
Props & Construction: Kelly Goeller, Victoria Arslani, Thomas Schmid,
Chris Phillips, Kyle Strope, Fede Reano, Waleed Zaiter, Jake Armstrong, Ann Seymour

Lead Composite: Fede Reano
Composite: Chris West, Waleed Zaiter, Gareth O'Brien,
Chad Colby Lead Colorist: Seth Ricart
Color Correction: Thomas Schmid, Fede Reano

Directed by BUCK
Director of Photography: Seth Ricart
Additional Photography: Thomas Schmid, Chris Phillips
Props & Wardrobe: Leah Berkowitz
Production Assistants: Kenny Hughes, Joseph Rolon
Soap Costumes & Props: Geppetto Studios

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