X Games

Zered Bassett goes unplugged and skulls go nuclear. This is what came to my mind when I was asked to make something "crazy" for this Xgames spot. I designed and cel animated these two small illustrations for this ridiculously fun spot.

Produced at Buck



Directed by: Buck

Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Producer: Kevin Hall
Art Director: Yker Moreno
Animation Director: Daniel Oeffinger
Design: Yker Moreno, Gareth O’Brien, Daniel Oeffinger, Chris Phillips
Animation: Daniel Oeffinger, Andreas Berglund, Justin Lawes, Yker Moreno
Cel Animation: Chris Phillips, Euralis Weekes, Jessica Milazzo, Justin Lawes, Maceo Frost
Editor: Jose Gerardi
Colourist: Daniel Oeffinger
Client: ESPN
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy